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Once you've invested in a new water heater most people generally forget about them as long as they continue doing their job. Water heater maintenance is a very important step in extending the life span and efficiency of your water heater.
Water heater maintenance should be performed at least once a year and includes flushing mineral debris and dirt from your unit. The anode rod should also be evaluated for corrosion. On average, anode rods should be replaced every few years depending on your water supply chemistry. The condition of the anode rod is very important in keeping your water heater healthy. The anode rod attracts chemicals in the water and keeps them from rusting away the tank liner.

As shown in this picture the deteriorated anode rod is not able to keep the corrosion from attacking the interior of your water heater and should be replaced.
A professional check-up should be considered annually to conduct a thorough inspection of your water heater and if needed replace the anode rod.
Annual plumbing inspection of home: $149.00

Whole house plumbing inspection

Thorough inspection of your water heater
Check the water heater pressure relief valve
Drain tank to remove sediments
Inspect connections for rust, wear or corrosion
Determine if a new anode rod is needed
(cost of anode rod additional)

Discuss any plumbing issues

With your annual plumbing inspection you recieve a 15% off discount on labor for any service for (1) year from the time of your inspection.

Call us today for more information and schedule your annual plumbing check-up
Annual water heater only inspection: $99.00
Same as above (exludes whole house plumbing inspection)